We are Dr Richard Martin, Dr Samantha Stapleton and Dr Benjamin Coupe, the Chiropractors behind Melbourne City Chiropractic.

Despite us being a Melburnian and a couple from Sydney respectively, our friendship and then partnership developed in Glasgow Scotland working as part of the largest network of Chiropractors in Europe.

Whilst living overseas our shared passion for chiropractic excellence led us to investigating (among other things) Advanced Biostructural Correction™ (a relatively new approach in chiropractic technique) and ultimately visiting the United States to study with its developer. Impressed beyond our expectations, we have since been committed to the mastery on this style of structural corrective care, and now, five years later, have been awarded the role of teaching this method to chiropractors throughout Australia.

Dr Richard Martin

Chiropractor - CBD BAppSc(Cl Sc) BChiroSc.

Dr Samantha Coupe

Chiropractor - CBD BChiroSc, MChiro.

Dr Ben Coupe

Chiropractor - Blackburn BChiroSc, MChiro.

To understand the difference in care offered at Melbourne City Chiropractic it is first necessary to define what would be considered Traditional Chiropractic.

Traditional Chiropractic is predominately about: Increasing range of motion, Decreasing muscular spasm, Reducing pain

This is what many chiropractors offer and they usually do a great job at achieving this.

Unlike Traditional Chiropractic, at Melbourne City Chiropractic we focus on Structural Correction. Specifically, we utilise a specific structural corrective technique called Advanced Bio-structural Correction™ (ABC™) to correct/improve Anterior Vertebrae Syndrome (AVS).

So what is AVS? AVS is the term used to describe the layers of structural shifts that can build up in a body, often observed as slumped, slouched, stooped or twisted posture. AVS is a result of a series of misalignments and compensations throughout your body.

Many other professions and even other chiropractic techniques use terms to describe conditions of posture or structure that commonly form part of the AVS spectrum. These include Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome, Sway-back posture, Military Spine, Dowagers Hump and many more.

So why do we focus on Structural Correction?