Legend’s Board

Dr. Richard Martin

November 04, 2019

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and saw a photo of the ‘Legends Board’ at my CrossFit gym (Charge CrossFit, Northcote). A new inductee had been added and we all love to get behind them. 

Now at the risk of sounding a little conceited… I’m on that board! I am a ‘Charge Legend!’.

In some ways it sounds better than it is. It’s not awarded for remarkable feats of strength or fitness, but rather for just showing up. That’s right, each of the names on that honour roll have been showing up for over five years. Week in, week out. It’s like an award for persistence. An acknowledgement for staying the course. In fact in my case it’ll be seven years next month.

I take particular pride in this achievement. I’m not the most regular of attendees but I’m there every week. I’ve probably averaged 2.5 sessions a week over those years. Most importantly it marks the first time in my life that I’ve stuck at any exercise longer than what would best be counted in months.

There are of course huge benefits in life when we apply ourself consistently to worthwhile projects. This is not limited to the benefits of the activity itself but the often overlooked and possibly more significant impact on our psyche. For seven years I’ve upheld an agreement to myself. There is little more powerful. 

Every time we do this we become more powerful and more ready to take on our next level of growth.


What worthwhile change would you like to look back on and have done 1, 2 or even 7 years from now? Really think about this. Even if it’s small it will pave the way for bigger things.


At Melbourne City Chiropractic we can be invaluable to those looking to achieve significant functional change. For those that commit to the time and work required this could become the the decision or commitment you can look back on with this sense of pride. And let me tell you, it’s a great feeling.

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