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Chiropractors, Dr Richard Martin, Dr Samantha Coupe and Dr Ben Coupe started Melbourne City Chiropractic in 2009. Their friendship and then partnership developed in Glasgow Scotland working as part of the largest network of chiropractors in Europe.

During this time, their shared passion for chiropractic excellence led them to investigating Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ (a relatively new approach in chiropractic technique) and ultimately visiting the United States to study with its developer.

Impressed beyond their expectations they have since been committed to the mastery on this style of structural corrective care, and in 2010 were awarded the role of teaching this method to chiropractors throughout Australasia. Since this time they have taught hundreds of chiropractor’s in their mission to change the face of chiropractic.

Melbourne City Chiro Dr. Richard Martin Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Richard Martin

Chiropractor - CBD

BAppSc(Cl Sc) BChiroSc.

Completing his chiropractic degree at RMIT University, Melbourne in 1997, Richard’s first five years were in practice in Melbourne utilising traditional methods. A yearning for travel saw him move with his wife Clare, to Glasgow, Scotland, for a years working holiday. It lasted seven as it was such a rich chiropractic and personal experience.

In Scotland he became a leader in the Glasgow Chiropractic community, then the largest chiropractic company in Europe and was awarded their Chiropractor of the Year honour in 2006. It was in this time that he first learnt of Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Excited at the prospect after some initial learning in ABC™, Richard travelled to meet founder, Dr Jesse Jutkowitz, in the USA. He found a worthy mentor who would become a great friend.

Richard is credited with pioneering ABC™ in the UK (where it continues to prosper to this day). He was awarded the position of Australasian Instructor in 2010 and has presented seminars and lectured to chiropractors regularly since (mostly in Australia and New Zealand but also as far as Hawaii, Bejing and Singapore).

Richard was a founding member of the professional association for ABC™ chiropractors throughout Australasia for which he was the inaugural president and remains on the executive.

Richard, together with Clare and their five school aged children, live a somewhat crazy life. Somehow in the thick of it all he has managed to attain ‘Legend’ status at Charge CrossFit in Northcote (though admittedly this is a reference to continuous membership - now 6 years - rather than skills or fitness!). Otherwise he indulges any spare time into obsessing about music, AFL and understanding bodies.

Melbourne City Chiro Dr. Sam Coupe Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Sam Coupe

Chiropractor - CBD

BChiroSc, MChiro.

Samantha studied her Bachelor and Masters in Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney. It was in the second year anatomy labs that she met her future husband and business partner Ben Coupe. Throughout university Sam worked in a GP’s office which gave her insight into the limitation traditional medicine has with respect to mechanical body problems.

After graduation Sam worked for almost 4 years in Scotland which is where she learnt Advanced BioStructural Correction™. It was her time in Scotland that allowed her to try many different styles of chiropractic, however after learning ABC™ she was so impressed with its consistent and predictable results she has devoted years to becoming a Master level certified practitioner. She was also one of the first practitioners worldwide to be accredited to teach the technique.

Now, with two small children Arlo 4 and Albie 2 Sam practices part time and is passionate about women's health. She loves the diverse range of clients she sees in the city office and has a particular focus on pain caused by stress and poor posture. She loves exercise especially CrossFit and Pilates and feels movement is a huge factor in good health.

Melbourne City Chiro Dr. Ben Coupe Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Ben Coupe

Chiropractor - CBD

BChiroSc, MChiro.

Ben grew up in the northern edges of Sydney. After brief periods of study in engineering and science, Ben was first exposed to chiropractic whilst studying at Macquarie University. A few visits to the chiropractor resolved his persistent low back pain and after his first lecture on chiropractic he knew he found his calling.

After graduating from his Masters in Chiropractic in 2005 he and his partner Samantha (whom he met at uni) moved to Scotland to work in one of the largest chiropractic groups in Europe. This allowed him to be exposed to numerous styles of chiropractic in a short period. After a few years of working in the UK, he discovered chiropractic could be powerful but was also inconsistent. This started a search for a way to achieve more consistent results for his clients. It was through luck that he was exposed to Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Impressed immediately with its logical understanding on the body and its rapid postural and symptomatic improvements, Ben dedicated himself to perfecting this technique.

Within a few years of dedicated learning he found himself as one of the highest qualified ABC™ practitioners in the world. In that time Ben (along with Samantha Coupe and Richard Martin) helped develop Scotland into one of the world's leading training grounds of ABC™ chiropractic.

Ben’s passion for ABC™ developed and in 2010 he was awarded the role of ABC™ instructor, one of the first worldwide. He is also a founding member of Advanced BioStructural Correction Australasia. He now teaches regularly over Australasia and loves highlighting the possibilities of ABC™ to his fellow chiropractors.

Ben loves seeing a variety of people in his practice, from gym junkies to office workers but especially to people who are looking fto get the most out of their body. Nothing excites him more than getting people to realise their bodies own innate potential.

Outside of work Ben has a passion for exercise and movement, like CrossFit and gymnastics. He has tried every nutrition fad ever! He loves travel, can talk about movies and music all day, loves exploring Melbourne’s amazing food scene and spending time with his wife and two boys Arlo and Albie.

Melbourne City Chiro Dr. Jonathan Camm Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Jonathan Camm

Chiropractor - CBD

BHSc/BAppSc (Chiropractic)

Jonathan spent his earlier years growing up in country NSW, the rural town of Hay. He initially completed his Nursing Degree at La Trobe University after High school and has extensive experience in several of Melbourne’s major hospitals as a registered nurse including The Alfred, Royal Melbourne and The Austin. He has always had a strong passion for health and wellbeing. It was his continual efforts to look for ways to help people heal and feel better that led him to discover Chiropractic.

It was whilst studying Chiropractic at RMIT University and passing with distinction, that he discovered the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) technique. It was the philosophy and consistent changes to the body that made this style of care a stand out from the rest. His passion to help people is obvious, his commitment to care and understanding shows in his approach to continual education in the field of health. Jonathan has participated in advanced training in the ABC method and was a speaker at the ABC Singapore Convention in 2019.

A keen sportsman he enjoys the outdoors with activities including, camping, golf, cycling, football and family time. He has regularly competed in several cycling events including the Peaks Challenge, Giro della Donna and the Amy Gillett rides. He is a member of the ACA (Australian Chiropractors Association) and ABCA (Advanced Biostructural Correction Australasia).

Melbourne City Chiro Dr. Sarah Hart Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Sarah Hart

Chiropractor - CBD

BSc (Hons) Chiropractic

At the age of 13, Sarah sought the aid of a Chiropractor to help overcome episodes of neck pain and headaches. Being amazed at what was possible by using just the hands, she knew that becoming a Chiropractor was part of her life path.

After graduating in 2008 from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, Sarah went on to run her own ABC™️ practice in London, where she grew up. Chiropractic has taken Sarah around the world where she has been a keynote speaker at multiple events and conferences. Having made the move to Australia, she is excited to join the team at Melbourne City Chiropractic.

Sarah is inspired by creating a deeper connection and harmony between mind and body. She continues to be blown away by what's possible when the body shifts back into a more upright alignment and tension is released.

"It is a privilege to support people in this way and witness firsthand a person experience, simultaneously, both ease and vibrancy within themself."

Outside of the office Sarah is passionate about the journey of self discovery, in particular, the exploration of non ordinary states and healing modalities such as Breathwork. She loves good food, time with family and friends, and adventures in her campervan.

Melbourne City Chiro Dr. Courtney Radcliff Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Courtney Radcliff

Chiropractor - CBD

BSc Chiropractic

Courtney has returned to her home town of Melbourne after studying and working in New Zealand, her second hereditary home. She originally came to chiropractic at primary school age, being taken by her mother to help with asthma and has continued chiropractic care throughout her life knowing it helps her to live more optimally.

Courtney completed a Science Degree at Macquarie University in Sydney as well as various massage and alternative health studies after high school, then moved on to live and work in various countries overseas. She came back to Australia and fell into a corporate career project managing for almost a decade before going back to her early love of the human body and wellness, deciding to become a chiropractor.

Courtney found ABC while in NZ attending seminars taught by Sam, Ben and Richard, and immediately noticed the difference of longer lasting change this type of technique gave her body and those she practiced it on.

When not doing chiropractic, Courtney enjoys catching up with friends and family, eating good food, learning new things and exploring new places, particularly in the great outdoors and overseas.

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