Advanced Biostructural Correction™

Understanding how we can help you.

ABC™ is based on certain observations about how bodies work and function. To give you a clear understanding of our unique approach it is important for us to explain 4 principles about your body.

1. Your body has an ability to heal. This is self evident if you have ever cut yourself or broken a bone. ABC™ acknowledges this innate ability of the body and works with it rather than against it.

2. The body can not correct all ailments and problems. Again self evident by people living with pain and various problems. If the body could fix everything, there would be no need for chiropractors.

3. ABC™ focuses on correcting ONLY what your body cannot self correct.

4. Correct spinal alignment (posture) is important for health and living pain free. Changes in posture place unnecessary pressure on joints, muscles and nerves.

The start of poor posture and pain...

Throughout life, we all experience physical traumas such as falling over, and also micro traumas like sitting at a desk for hours - unfortunately there is no way around this.

Both types of physical trauma have the potential to create misalignments in the joints of your spine.

Some misalignments your body can correct, some your body can not. Both types of misalignments place added stress and pressure on the surrounding joints, muscles and nerves of the spine.

Normally, the body will self correct these misalignments if possible. HOWEVER, if the misalignment is in a direction your body can not correct we have a problem.

When your body cannot correct a problem it will compensate.

Much like if you have a stone in your shoe, you will walk differently to take pressure off this ‘injury’.

Throughout your life each time your body compensates for a misalignment it can not fix, it begins to get more and more bound and twisted.

Eventually your body has compensations on top of compensations, on top of compensations!

As a result your body becomes stiff, rigid, and movement becomes harder.

The most noticable change from this compensation build up is poor posture.

Some common types of poor postures we see are:

  • Forward head posture
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Sway back
  • Stiff and locked posture
  • Hyperkyphosis (rounded upper back)
  • Dowager's hump (hump on the base of the neck)
  • Tilted pelvis

  • The final straw from having postures like this is PAIN. Pain seemingly comes out of nowhere but in reality it has often been building for years.

    How we help improve your posture.

    As ABC™ practitioners we correct ONLY what your body can not self correct on the mechanical level. When these misalignments have been corrected through specific ABC™ adjustments, the compensatory twist that your smart body created to cope is no longer needed.

    This means your body can literally UNWIND and let go of the patterns of tension and twist that have caused poor posture and pain.

    Unwinding is like a big sigh of relief for the body.

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    Secondary conditions commonly related to poor posture

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