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Neck pain is a very common problem in today’s modern society. Especially as we collectively spend more time sitting in chairs that make us slouch, and spend our days hunched over screens.

Difficult and painful movements of the neck is one of the most debilitating injuries when acute. People never realise how many movements the neck is involved in until it is injured or in pain. If you are experiencing neck pain now or have done in the past, you will know what we are talking about.

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain has many possible causes, which is why a comprehensive examination process is required. Once physical trauma or underlying pathology has been ruled out, neck pain is most commonly caused by structural or mechanical imbalances of the spine.

Structural imbalances of the spine and body place significant pressure on the joints, muscles, bones, discs and nerves of the neck and head (as well as other areas). Poor posture is the most noticeable sign of these mechanical imbalances.

For many people, neck pain can become chronic with frequent flare ups. This results in significant limitations in both your work and play.

This is why we are so committed to helping you overcome neck pain and get back to your best.

Causes of neck pain:

No two people with neck pain are the same. Everybody is different. That being said, here are what we see are the most common causes:

The first step to working with one of our chiropractors is for us to determine if we are in fact the right people to help you with your condition. If we deem that you are not a candidate for chiropractic care, we will ensure we find the right person to help you.

At Melbourne City Chiro we see that poor posture is the most common cause of neck pain especially in cases of forward head posture (head poking forward).

This position adds considerable strain and pressure to the structures of the neck and head.

Our Approach

We utilise a method of chiropractic known as Advanced Biostructural Correction™, or ABC™ for short. In fact, our chiropractors are responsible for teaching this method to other chiropractors all around the globe!

ABC™ works to improve posture by assessing and correcting the structural imbalances or misalignments that have created it. Improved posture can help your body start to move and feel better.

Creating a more upright posture over time is a process known as stabilisation.

With improved posture, there is less pressure on the muscles, ligaments, bones, discs, and nerves surrounding the neck and spine in general. This reduces pain, and allows the body to heal naturally.

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