Regain the confidence and strength in your body to do the things you love.


Pain is the result of pressure on your body. Improving posture may remove this stress and pressure.


Along with a host of health benefits, improved posture can help us look and feel confident.


Our unique approach of chiropractic is designed to help you see improvements quickly, while promoting long term health and wellbeing. Here are some of the most common conditions we see at Melbourne City Chiropractic.

Back Pain Melbourne City Chiropractic Dr. Ben Coupe Adjusting


If you find yourself sitting all day, back pain can be an issue. We help people improve their back pain by resolving postural issues.

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Shoulder Pain Melbourne City Chiropractic Dr. Sam Coupe Adjusting


Pain and difficulty moving your shoulders? Shoulder pain is rarely just a 'shoulder problem'. We take a whole body approach to help you.

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Neck Pain Melbourne City Chiropractic Dr. Richard Martin Adjusting


Hunched over your computer, straining your body? Neck pain is often the result of a 'forward head posture'. Does your head poke forward?

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Headaches and Migraines Melbourne City Chiropractic Dr. Richard Martin


The relationship between poor posture and headaches is well established. Find out how ABC™ can help with headaches.

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A Strong Posture Focus

We care about getting you long term results in the shortest possible time. This is why we focus on your posture. Improving posture helps you get back to doing what you love, while developing a strong body that can handle what ever life throws at you.

About ABC™
Back Pain Melbourne City Chiropractic Dr. Richard Martin Adjusting

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Our chiropractors at Melbourne City Chiropractic truely care about getting you great results. We love seeing you get back to your best and living your life to the fullest.

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Dr. Sam Coupe Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Ben Coupe Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Jonathan Camm Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Sarah Hart Chiropractor - CBD

Dr. Courtney Radcliff Chiropractor - CBD

Alison Chiropractic Assistant

Adriana Chiropractic Assistant

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Melbourne City Chiro teach Chiropractic to Australian and international chiropractors

Teaching Chiropractic Internationally

The team at Melbourne City Chiropractic are a part of a select few chiropractors who teach Advanced Bio-Strucutral Correction™ internationally. Dr. Richard Martin, Dr. Samantha Coupe and Dr. Ben Coupe are responsible for teaching 100's of chiropractors around the globe each year. They spear head the Advanced Bio-Structural Correction Australasia team and are committed to maintaining high quality patient care.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect on my first visit?
On your first visit you will be greeted by our friend Chiropractic Assistants and asked to complete our intake forms. These forms gives your chiropractor great insight into your current condition and health history. Your chiropractor will then take you through a thorough clinical history, a comprehensive physical, neurological and postural examination. X-rays may be required, which we can perform on site. From there your chiropractor will give you a brief explanation of their findings and if clinically indicated you will receive your first ABC™ adjustment.
Will I be adjusted on my first visit?
Normally yes. Unless we deem you are not a candidate for chiropractic care.
Is chiropractic safe?
‘Remarkably’ according to a New Zealand study.

The New Zealand Government published an objective study of chiropractic. Many issues were studied, including cost effectiveness, chiropractic education and training, safety issues, and patient satisfaction.

Among other things, the resulting 377 page document concluded that chiropractic would have a positive influence on the health of a country.

The commission investigated two safety issues that had been commonly raised by chiropractic critics. The first being the safety of chiropractic spinal adjustments, and the second, the notion that seeking chiropractic care delays medical treatment. After extensive inquiry, the researchers found both safety concerns to be unfounded. Because of the lack of evidence to the contrary, the commissioners determined chiropractic care to be remarkably safe.

Chiropractic in New Zealand Report of the Commission of Inquiry, 1979, Page 78.
How is ABC™ different from traditional chiropractic?
To read about ABC™, click here.
Does my insurance cover chiropractic?
Yes, chiropractic is covered by all major private health insurances. Our software system allows for some on the spot claiming including medicare, DVA, TAC and most private health funds. If you have specific claiming questions please ask one of our friendly chiropractic assistants for help.
Do I need a referral to see a chiropractor?
As chiropractors are primary health care providers you do not need a referral. To make an appointment you can simply book online here.

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