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The shoulder joint is highly mobile and involved in many different movements, it is for this reason shoulder pain can be such a burden and impact many of your daily activities.

The shoulder joint is made up of many muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and nerves, all of which have a susceptibility to injury.

What causes shoulder pain

What we find is that shoulder pain is rarely a problem with the shoulder itself, more often it is a whole body or postural problem. There are many possible causes of shoulder pain, it is therefore important for our chiropractors to conduct a comprehensive clinical history and physical examination.

Generally speaking, unless there is a physical trauma, or an underlying pathology, shoulder pain is commonly caused by structural/postural imbalances. The most noticeable sign of structural imbalances is poor posture.

A forward slouched posture creates excessive pressure on the tissues of the shoulder joint, potentially leading to increased chances of pain and injury.

Being stuck in a forward position with rounded shoulders for long periods of time makes the shoulder more susceptible to injury. Due to the added strain on the shoulder joint(s) in this position, the healing time for pre-exisiting injuries can potentially be delayed.

Want a real life example?

Try this: with a nice upright posture, raise your arms out to the sides, then raise them up over your head. Now roll your shoulders forward and your posture forward and do the same task. You should notice it is much, much harder to raise your shoulders smoothly with forward posture.

Common causes of shoulder pain and poor posture:

Our Approach

Our approach is to correct the underlying structural imbalances causing shoulder pain. This helps to create relief of pain and also helps to restore normal movement patterns to the shoulder.

To create this change, we utilise a method of chiropractic known as Advanced Biostructural Correction™, or ABC™ for short. In fact, our chiropractors are responsible for teaching this method to other chiropractors all around the globe!

ABC™ works to improve posture by assessing and correcting the structural imbalances or misalignments in the body. Improved posture can help your body start to move and feel better.

Creating a more upright posture over time is a process known as stabilisation.

With improved posture, there is often less pressure on the muscles, ligaments, bones, discs, and nerves surrounding the spine and shoulders. This can improve pain, increase shoulder mobility and allow the body to recover naturally.

To see some of our patients results simply click this link here.

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