Why Do I Have To Keep Coming?

Dr. Ben Coupe
Advanced BioStructural Correction

February 12, 2015

Let’s start off with a classic chiropractic joke. “How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb?” “One, but it’ll take three times a week for four weeks then one time a week for the next 8 weeks etc etc”

There’s no doubt that chiropractors get slack for their schedules of care. Whether it be schedules lasting weeks when all you want is for us to “put it back in” or that once you start you always need to keep coming.

This is reflected by how some people present to our office. They desire care but are already on the defensive about how often they need to come in. In fact I’m sure this results in some people never walking in to a chiropractors practice in the first place! It can even go a step further and create a level of mistrust in the chiropractor. A sense that we schedule this way for our own hip pocket!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to help explain why we do schedules of care.

First and foremost let me make it perfectly clear. You don’t have to keep on coming! In fact you don’t have to do anything in our practice. You decide exactly how much care you desire. The choice is always yours.

If your goal is to feel better as soon as possible, well have a guess what, that’s our goal too. I mean who wouldn’t want to feel better ASAP?

The difference with our practice is that we know there’s potential for better. Many times the pain that you present to our practice with is just the tip of the ice berg. Skeletal misalignments and their resultant compensations can start from a very early age. Even at birth for some unlucky ones. It takes years however for these misalignments to build up enough, one on top of another, to manifest into postural problems that lead to pain and/or dysfunction. The more we can work back through those layers, the better you are.

This is not just a concept either. At our practice we can measure this through photographic and x-ray evidence. Those who have been with us long enough will have numerous examples of massive improvements in photos and x-rays that correlate with massive symptomatic improvement.

This is also why we have tailored our schedules of care to help you define your goals more easily. Whether you’re after short term pain relief, further stabilisation of the underlying problem or full body optimisation, the choice is yours. You tell us what you want and we’ll tell what’s required to get there.

So in summary it’s not about having to come in a set number of times but rather a system that delivers the best possible result. We hope to inspire you to want more than just resolution of pain, and instead for a body that feels and moves optimally. The choice however is always yours. We see our role as getting you as far as your want to go.

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