Is Forward Head Posture is Causing Your Low Back Pain?

Dr. Ben Coupe
Back Pain

June 23, 2015

Yet another study has demonstrated the importance of posture. The 2015 study showed that correcting forward head posture made significant improvement in people suffering degenerative low back pain and sciatica. (1)

In our practice we are always educating on the importance of correct spinal alignment and its influence of forward head posture. Most people (including health professionals) believe that exercises are required for postural correction. In our practices we know that the most effective postural improvement comes from correcting specific skeletal misalignments. Anybody that has been adjusted in our practice will likely report an awareness of an improvement in forward head posture. In fact most will notice a continual improvement over time and one that results in a more permanent change.

It has always been our argument that with correct posture a body is better balanced. Consequently the entire body moves and feels much better. It seems that the research is finally catching up. More and more studies are now showing just how important correct posture is. This recent study showed that even people with chronic degeneration of the lumbar discs with associated nerve impingement (sciatica) could be improved by improving their forward head posture.

Whilst there are lots of ‘posture correction’ methods out there we believe that Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (our chiropractic technique) delivers the most consistent and predictable postural changes. If you know someone who suffers low back pain, get them to come in and get their alignment right, improve their posture and sort out those old body issues

(1) Moustafa IM et al J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2015 Mar- Arp

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