Good Posture Makes You Look and Feel More Powerful

Dr. Ben Coupe
Forward Head Posture

August 03, 2015

I recently watched a TED talk by Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy on power poses and the impact it can have on how you’re perceived and how you feel about yourself.

The essence of the talk was on how posture is perceived and judged subconsciously by all of us. Tall and open postures are considered to be more powerful and confident, whilst slumped and closed in postures are perceived as weak and submissive. Whilst this might seem obvious to some, what was even more interesting was the impact these postures have on the person performing them. Not only are they perceived as powerful or weak but they actually make the person feel that way about themselves.

Even more fascinating was research she has done demonstrating that these more powerful postures actually change us physiologically. An upright, open posture increases testosterone and lowers cortisol (your stress hormone). By getting subjects to adopt these postures for just two minutes she found a significant increase in testosterone (which improved risk tolerance) and significantly lower levels of cortisol (which helped decrease stress reaction).

Her advice is to train people into developing power poses to not only temporarily improve your physiology but if performed regularly can change your mind and body on a more permanent basis. I highly advise you look up this TED talk and see some of the postures she talks about.

Going a step further, I couldn’t help but see correlation between what we do in practice with ABC™/posture and some of the changes she mentioned. As most of you know ABC™ provides a very consistent and predictable postural improvement. Notably one that is more open and upright as discussed. Not only does that apply less stress and tension to your muscles and joints but people regularly report feeling a lot “better within themselves” after an adjustment. Those that go on to stabilise and re-inforce these changes report it as a more permanent improvement in well-being. I know of several clients that have made significant life changes after going through ABC™ care (especially those that have undergone long term correction) and have told me it’s because they feel more empowered and clear minded. This research may help us to understand just why that is the case.

Next time you get adjusted and you observe yourself looking more upright and open, be aware that the changes are beyond just looking better and feeling less symptoms. It may be changing your very mindset!

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