The How & Why of Meditation

Dr. Ben Coupe

November 30, 2015

I’d imagine most of us would be aware of meditation. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years but in recent times has gone from alternative to much more accepted in the mainstream.

Research is also supporting the health benefits of mediation and the results are far reaching. Studies have shown improvements for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, insomnia and stress management. One study showed that 20 mins of mindfulness per day resulted in memory improvement and increased sustained attention. A recent review of over 50 studies on depression has shown that meditation was as effective as anti-depressants but with no side effects. There has even been a study to show that meditation results in less calories consumed.

I have always looked at health across three spectrums; physical, chemical and mental. With ABC™ chiropractic and quality exercise we handle the physical. Good nutrition will take care of most of the chemical and I always felt that mediation is a great option for mental health.

Now some of you might regularly meditate or have at least had some experience. I personally have felt the desire to ‘get into’ mediation for many years now but have found getting started difficult. I was aware of the basic concepts but was advised that guided mediation was the best place to get started. Finding time for classes was going to difficult so it kept getting put on the backburner…. until now.

I have recently been recommended to an App called Headspace. They have a free 10 day trial where it goes through the basics of mediation with 10 minute sessions. They are easy to fit into your life and are delivered extremely well. The concepts are easy to understand and really enjoyable. I have already started seeing the benefits of regular sessions, namely feeling clearer in the mind and calmer.

If like me, you have always wanted to start meditation then I highly recommend looking at this app. You never know how it might benefit your health.

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