Do You Look After All Aspects of Your Health?

Dr. Ben Coupe

August 24, 2017

If you have been reading our articles over the last few years you will have noticed how varied the topics are. We include articles on nutrition, exercises and movement, ergonomics, mindfulness and general advice on better living.

Why? The reason is simple. We value optimising health. Obviously our primary focus is on postural health through ABC™ Chiropractic and so many of our articles are based on this. But to really optimise your health there are other aspects that need to be taken care of. This not only relates to improving general health but often to the very symptoms that you presented to our office with in the first place.

For example many people are chronically inflamed. Part of solving this is through postural correction but if your diet is full of pro-inflammatory foods you will continue to add fuel the flames so to speak. Another example would be mental stress. Many people can relate to having stressors in their life that can contribute to the pains and aches they present with. Just think of how much your body tightens and tenses during these stressful times.

You see improving your health is not about fixing one aspect of your health but focusing on improving all aspects. I break health down into these segments;

Physical -postural/structure, exercise, movement practice, ergonomics, sleep

Chemical – nutrition, environmental chemicals, hydration

Mental – stress management, mindfulness, meditation

Look at these and think about how many of these you personally put time into improving. Not just patching up a symptom but rather focusing improving your state of health in the long term. If you’re getting adjusted on a regular basis them you are taking active care of the posture/structure component but what about exercise? Do you have a regular exercise regime? What about nutrition? Do you consume a lot of highly processed foods? Do you fast? Do you take supplements? In the past I neglected the mental aspect. It’s only in recent times that I’ve seen the benefits of regular meditation and techniques like the Wim Hof Method, especially for stress management.

I encourage you to look at this list and decide if there is an aspect of your health that requires more attention. Take more active control over optimising your health and I’m sure you no doubt see an improvement in your health but perhaps even some of things you currently are seeking our help for.

As always if there are questions that you require our advice on, please ask your chiropractor.

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