What Does Your Typical Morning Look Like?

Dr. Ben Coupe
Morning Routines

August 24, 2017

What does your typical morning look like? I know for me that I have had plenty of days that feel like you start on the back foot and spend the rest of the day trying to play catch up.

I was recently reminded of a quote by a friend and colleague, “either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn. That (and a recent change in gym training times) prompted me to sharpen up my morning routine and results have been so dramatic I felt the need to share it.

I think that many people start the day with the best aspirations but end up feeling like they just can’t get on top. I believe it all starts with an effective morning routine. There is a great book called ‘The Miracle Morning’ which delves into this very topic and I encourage all to read it.

The essence of the book is that if you have a defined structure in your morning routine (that incorporates certain elements) it starts your day in the right way. What’s fascinating is how the rest of the day seems to flow and allows for a greater level of productivity.

So what should your morning routine look like? Well that is ultimately up to you. I encourage reading the book as it specifically helps you to develop your own but here is what I have been using recently and I’m finding it very powerful.

5.45am – Wake up (I purposely wake earlier to allow time for the following)

5.50am – 3 rounds of Wim Hof Method breathing (click here for our previous article on the WHM)

6.05am – 10 minutes of mediation (I use the Headspace app)

6.15am – Morning journal (click here for previous post – basically collection thoughts on gratitude and planning the day ahead)

6.20am – Take a shower incorporating simple movements like squats to encourage movement through all joints)

Recently I have been fasting until 12pm at least three days week.

This simple little routine (only takes about 20-30 mins) has made a considerable difference to my day. I’m much clearer in mind, my body feels prepped for work and I’m finding myself much calmer and more effective through the day.

What works for you will be an individual thing. All I encourage is that you take the time in the morning to put some time aside for yourself and prep for the day. Like me you might find it can really set the day up in a powerful way.

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