Stop Chasing the Pain, Start Chasing the Cause

Dr. Ben Coupe

February 25, 2020

Musculoskeletal pain is one of the most prolific health problems in the modern world. In Australia alone, it costs billions of dollars per year.

It’s our opinion that many forms of therapy never get to the heart of these issues as they spend too much time ‘chasing the pain’. Many, if not most, practitioners will focus on the area that you feel pain. Neck pain equals neck treatment, back pain equals back treatment, etc.

Even as you’re reading this you may recognise the feeling that you need to stretch or apply pressure to a painful area to relieve it. In fact many times it may even work, at least temporarily.

The problem is you’re looking at the pain and not the cause of the pain.

We find that, unless there is direct injury to tissue through trauma, you almost never feel pain where the cause is. I’ll repeat that.

You almost never feel pain where the cause is.

If you only assess and address where the pain is, there’s a good chance you’ll never solve the real problem, leaving you open to reoccurrence or, even worse, never improving in the first place.

In our experience, you feel pain most where your body compensates.

Good structural balance is key to a body that feels and functions as it’s designed to. Compensations occur when there are misalignments in our body structure, reflected in postural imbalance.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ , the technique we use at Melbourne City Chiro, gets to the real cause of the imbalance in your body.

When true misalignments are corrected, the body can gradually let go of its compensations. When compensations are removed the pain resolves.

Over the years we have seen countless examples of this, including headaches being resolved when low back posture is corrected, low back pain solved by improvement in shoulder posture and knee pain resolved by correcting the low back or feet.

In addressing the underlying cause of pain, we see people feel better, often respond faster and, better yet, their results last, due to the rectifying the true cause of their pain.

Most exciting is that there are additional benefits to addressing pain and posture with this method. Research shows improvements in breathing, mood, mental clarity, sleep, strength and physical performance, among others, are related to improvements in posture. 


At Melbourne City Chiro our focus is not to resolving your pain, although it is important to us. Our aim is to ‘chase the cause’ and fix your body, knowing that the pain will resolve when we get that right.

Dr Ben Coupe

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