Dr. Dimitro Kirsh

November 08, 2016

For those of you who haven’t chatted to me or don’t frequent the city clinic you’d likely be unaware that as I write this, my partner and I will soon be welcoming our first child into the world. This of course is and has been a very exciting time from start of pregnancy to what will soon be the finish and beginning of a whole new chapter of life. As we are both health conscious and possess a somewhat naturalistic approach to life we were interested in how we could get through the pregnancy and birthing time together, with the least amount of intervention as possible.

Of course we are very thankful to live in a developed country with the highest quality health care and safety nets available should there be any emergencies however the stats suggest currently 1 in 3 births result in caesarean section in Australia along with many other birthing interventions that are now being deemed generally unnecessary for most births. With this in mind we sought out ways to allow for a natural, low pain, and safe birth. When a friend who had recently given birth suggested we look into hypnotic birthing we were instantly curious at the process while remaining cautious and somewhat critical at the same time. When I thought of hypnosis I was instantly brought to visions of people on stage performing circus acts and lewd conduct for others amusement rather than a quiet, calm and happy birthing room. We decided to read a bit of the material given to us and even watch a few videos of women birthing under self-hypnosis and we were pleasantly surprised. This was starting to look very much like how we could imagine our special birthing time. Of course no one can predict how any birth will go or what unseen challenges may arise and we have yet to get through ours so you’ll have to ask me for the verdict once this event is done and dusted. I’ll now run through the basics of hypnotic birthing to give some clarification.

The course we were given was called Hypnobabies and was put together by a natural childbirth instructor from the USA. The main aim of the course is to give the parents various tools to allow for an educated, safer, healthier, and low pain natural birth. The course comes with a workbook, a small partner’s role reading book, and audio tracks that teach and guide self-hypnosis. The program is designed to be completed over a 6 to 8 week period during pregnancy which is sectioned into weekly readings along with audio tracks related to the readings and small assignments to be completed. I know what you’re thinking, assignments, reading and listening, this is all too much time and effort. Although it does require some time each week to be put into the practices to be worthwhile, we enjoy the time preparing together and the readings are interesting; and the pain control techniques learned can apparently be used for the rest of one’s life. Overall there is heaps of great information within the package to give anyone greater knowledge and certainty going into the unknown, especially if it’s the first time birthing as is for us. Since recently completing all the studies together my partner and I feel a sense of confidence and clarity around our birthing preferences and are as ready as we can be for what’s to come. Now it’s just the waiting game and hoping for the best. Be sure to check in with me if you want any more info on hypnotic birthing or if curious as to how our personal experience goes.

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