Patch vs. Fix – Choose Your Care Wisely

Dr. Ben Coupe

February 12, 2015

Have you ever heard yourself talk about your back problem or your neck problem? Do you hear yourself saying it in a way that almost sounds like you consider it part of who you are? We see countless people who manage their body problems (whatever it might be) their entire lives. Those who attempt to patch up the problem when it rears its ugly head again for another bout of pain and disability. For many it’s usually only a matter of time before it does and more often than not these issues worsen over time with increasingly longer and more painful episodes. Some may even be aware of an increasing loss of function each time it occurs, leaving you feeling weaker, stiffer or more twisted in the body afterwards. I think in many cases people have convinced themselves that nothing can be done about the cause, that its now part of them. Therefore the only option is to patch it up whenever it comes back. People often justify it by saying “I guess I’m just getting older.”

I believe you don’t have to concede to the concept of an ageing body getting stiffer, sorer and more prone to painful old issues returning again and again. How do I know this? Look around. How many of you are aware of certain people who just seem to age a lot better than others. I don’t mean staying young forever but certainly ageing with grace. We all know someone like this. Is it genetics? Perhaps to a degree but science is increasingly showing us that we can age better through changes in lifestyle. We all know about eating better and exercising more but what about your posture and structure?

In our experience the majority of old body issues that age you quicker can be solved if not vastly improved and it all comes down to improving your posture through unwinding your body via ABC™ care. I don’t mean just feel the pain has reduced but instead take your body in to such a state of structural stability that you gain function and mobility back and more importantly have it stay there.

So how do you get there? It all comes down to how much care you’re willing to put in the first place. If your only interest is patching up the acute low back pain that comes a few times a year with as minimal care as possible then guess what, you’re not going really solve anything. If however, you’re willing to put in just a little extra time to really try and get the problem to stabilise (or even better put some serious time into fundamentally correcting the underlying structural issue) then we are confident that you will no longer feel that you have to carry the ‘old problem’ with you forever and a day.

The patients we have in our practices that have undergone real unwinding can testify to how different their body is now compared to what it used to be. A body that holds its posture upright and in turn moves well and feels great. A body that you don’t have to think about but instead just gets you around without limitation. People often report back to us about how much younger they feel now than they used to as a result of unwinding their bodies. Sure it takes a commitment of time and finances to get there but we are confident that the long term changes ABC™ unwinding makes to your body will vastly outweigh any costs to you in the short term.

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