The Barefoot Revolution

Dr. Ben Coupe

July 12, 2016

Spring is upon us! The sun’s out, the air is fresh. It’s time to get on those runners and start running again (if you put it on hold during the winter months!)

We’ve found a great article online from Men’s Fitness Magazine talking about barefoot runners (which we have been advocating for years). We think it’s well worth a read!


It’s this that’s at the heart of the pro-barefoot argument: that barefoot running is better for you than running in shoes. The foot, the argument goes, is a super-sensory organ capable of giving the body detailed feedback to aid co-ordination, balance and speed — except when it’s encased in gel and rubber.

“Most running shoes allow a full range of motion just at the ankle joint, [but] going barefoot allows movement at all 32 joints in the foot,” explains Wallden. “And you’ve got 32 joints for a reason. Also, if you’re wearing a supportive shoe, only two of the 34 muscles that are attached to the foot will be working to their full capacity, and that’s the calf muscles. So you’re missing conditioning 32 muscles.”

“I recommend barefoot to everybody,” he says. “I’m convinced that when you’re barefoot you’re in total balance.”

Read the full article here:

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