A Muscle Problem Is Not Always a Problem With the Muscle

Dr. Ben Coupe
Pain Reduction

July 12, 2016

“I think it’s muscular.” I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t hear this sentence by one of our patients, the inference being that what they are feeling is a muscular problem and implying that ‘adjusting the bones’ won’t have an impact on said problem.

I wanted to take this opportunity to help clarify this.

First and foremost, what you’re feeling probably is muscular pain. Just because our practice does not directly treat muscles, does not mean we don’t believe muscular pain doesn’t exist!Muscular Pain

We do however believe that the majority of muscle pain (tense or aching muscles as opposed to direct muscle strain) is secondary to a structural problem.

What do we mean by secondary? When skeletal misalignments occur (that your body cannot self correct) your body has no choice but compensate. How does it manage this? By muscles! Your body uses muscular effort to help twist your body away from the imbalanced position created by the misalignment. The end result? Muscular tension, tightness, pain, ache etc.

Focussing only on the muscle is like patching up at the cracks in your wall and ignoring the underlying problems in your footings. Ultimately the problem will just keep returning until we deal with the primary problem.

Thus our focus is only on correcting the primary problem, i.e. the misaligned bones. Doing this allows the body to let go of the compensations (called unwinding) and the muscle issues disappear. Often this occurs immediately but sometimes several layers of compensatory twist need to be corrected before the muscles can let go. Given enough time to unwind, you’re body can become so structurally stable and upright that muscular problems will seem like a thing of the past.

– See more at: http://www.citychiro.com.au/blog/a-muscle-problem-is-not-always-a-problem-with-the-muscle/#sthash.wfbFhrne.dpuf

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