Why You Should Be Sleeping On Your Side

Dr. Ben Coupe

October 04, 2015

New research has show that your sleeping posture can have an impact on your health beyond muscle and joint pain. The study was related to how the brain eliminates waste chemicals.

The study showed that sleeping on your side, compared to sleeping on your back or stomach, allows the body to more efficiently clear waste products from the brain through the glymphatic pathway. The study also noted that the majority of animals sleep in the lateral (side lying) position, from cats and dogs to even elephants.

The researchers have suggested these findings could have impacts on mental health. Dementia has been shown to have links with sleep disturbance including difficulties in falling asleep and it is also known that sleep disturbance accelerates memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.

Throughout our practices we have always strongly advocated lateral (side) sleep. Those who have attended our sleeping workshop will know we have very specific tips in regards to pillows and mattress’s so as to allow the most balanced and ideal position when lying on your side.

The obvious benefits are a more balanced body and thus less pressure on joints and muscles. Beyond this we also notice that when set up correctly, side lying results in people waking up feeling more refreshed and clear of mind. As opposed to the zombie-like state that many people are familiar with in the morning. Perhaps these finding have something to do with this? It would be fascinating to perform the same test with people side lying compared to people side lying in our ideal set up. I’d wonder if we’d see even more waste product elimination from the brain.

If you are curious about side sleeping and have not been to our sleep workshop, we highly encourage it. Most people are surprised at what we have to say and just how specific and unique the information we give is. It can be integral to get your body to the next level.

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